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Abi Kennie

Abi Kennie

As our Content, Brand and Social Media Manager, Abi is at the helm of most of our content, including overseeing the blog creation and posting process (like an evil overlord). She writes about a range of topics, from speculative blogs on the future of virtual working to the more personal subject of mental health. She has a First-Class Creative Writing degree and a passion for the written word, not to mention a dry sense of humor which can sometimes be seen in her writing. (She wrote this, can you tell?) As a colleague, she is diligent and reliable, though we do have to put up with a steady diet of sarcasm from her on a daily basis. She is also the unofficial head of the IT help desk and very patient in that role (even with John). She also has a goblin disguised as a scruffy black dog, called Phooka (Poo-kah); allegedly a westie/cocker spaniel cross, but he’s not fooling anyone.

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December 10 2019 | 6 min read

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