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Catherine Nicholson

Catherine Nicholson

As one of the directors of the Virtual Training Team and Creative Lead, Catherine is a key driving force for our blogs and other resources, as well as delivering much of our virtual training. She has been delivering virtual training for 10 years and it is her passion! She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across a wide range of areas, from practical delivery tips to methods on how to get the best interaction out of a virtual workshop. Her blogs are fun and perceptive and can provide you with a beneficial, accurate window of insight into the world of virtual training. Outside of work, Catherine likes to run and get out into the garden (though everyone at VTT argues that she doesn’t do enough of this). She is an energetic, powerfully positive person, 100% extrovert and always on the go, a million things on her to-do list and a myriad of ideas in her head. She is also mum to her three cats; Sandy, Kenny and the ‘office manager’ Julesy.
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