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Why you should get upskilled with Virtual Train the Trainer

Why you should get upskilled with Virtual Train the Trainer So, you keep seeing this “Virtual Train the Trainer” thing popping up and you’re ...

Catherine Nicholson
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Why you should get upskilled with Virtual Train the Trainer

Why you should get upskilled with Virtual Train the Trainer

So, you keep seeing this “Virtual Train the Trainer” thing popping up and you’re pondering whether it is worth investing the time and effort to upskill yourself to design or deliver virtual training. Maybe you’re thinking about going ‘pro’ and learning from a friendly expert provider. Maybe you’re thinking of learning by yourself. 


Well, before we go any further, let’s agree on what Virtual Training (VILT)is.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is also known as virtual training or virtual classrooms. VILT replicates what happens in a face-to-face (F2F) workshop in a live, online environment instead. That’s it; traditional classrooms, but virtual. 

VILT workshops enable participants from across the world to join in a learning session with their colleagues, led by you. No matter where they are in the world, they can log on, discuss issues, join in breakout sessions, collaborate on whiteboards, poll, chat and more besides. 

If this has already piqued your interest and you’d like to experience VILT before deciding on the future of your training, please contact us to schedule a demo session. We love showcasing virtual training and would be happy to demonstrate how great it is.

Or if you would rather, you can go ahead and download our comprehensive Train the Trainer brochure here. 

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If you’re not quite convinced yet, keep reading. 

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Why upskill to become a virtual trainer?

The Association of Talent & Development (ATD) reports that 65% of organisations are already using VILT with a further 22% planning on making the move soon. This means that if your organisation isn’t using VILT yet, they might well be soon.

So why are so many organisations incorporating VILT into their L&D offer?

  • Travel is being reduced to address budget requirements and carbon usage.
  • VILT is an inclusive way of learning – learning for all, no matter where you are based.
  • Virtual learning suits the flexible/remote way that employees are now working.
  • E-learning is less viable as a replacement for F2F as it doesn’t include practice or sharing of experience.

Those are some very compelling reasons for organisations to start adopting VILT, but what about you as an L&D professional? What benefits can it offer you? Well… here’s 10.

  1. Being VILT trained enables you to deliver Blended Learning programmes incorporating both VILT and F2F
  2. Building your VILT skills can also help build your skillset for other things; such as webinars, vlogs and podcasting
  3. VILT makes your training budget reach further as costs per head are reduced thanks to no travel, no hotels, no meeting rooms or subsistence
  4. Managing your work-life balance becomes better as there is less travel once you move to VILT. Once the session finishes, you can get on with life, minus the commute
  5. Its super inclusive and allows you to train your remote colleagues much more easily
  6. VILT approaches bring colleagues closer together, across multiple locations to share different perspectives, which makes it great for innovation and collaboration
  7. No clearing up your training room afterwards, simply close the window!
  8. Feel increased carbon-zen as you remove the need to fly, drive or get the train. And neither will your learners
  9. Future-proof your CV; VILT is only going to get more popular, make yourself future ready
  10. It is super fun and engaging – once you nail it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it

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Have we got you convinced yet?

There is a challenge though…

Even though many organisations are making the move to VILT, another ATD research report Virtual Classrooms Now: Using Technology to Reach Today's Workforces found that both trainers and designers can lack critical skills in virtual workshop delivery and this is a major barrier to learning effectiveness. 


They report that the top three training areas L&D professionals require upskilling in are:

  1. Engaging online audiences.
  2. Mastering the technologies that enable virtual classrooms.
  3. Using software or design tools that adapt content for virtual classrooms.


Don’t take our word for it! Here’s a testimonial from a client who we recently helped move to VILT stated; -

“Don’t think it is simple to make the move from F2F to VILT. Before our trainers were upskilled to run VILT, they found running virtual workshops draining and hard work”

Learning by yourself to run the content, master the process, participants AND the technology can be challenging and frustrating. 

The same client reported that prior to upskilling on Virtual Training, their trainers had reverted to webinar type approaches to avoid delivering interactively.

Now expertly coached in VILT, these same trainers are enjoying their interactive virtual workshops and are delivering more and more, with great feedback from their participants.

This is why we recommended considering going pro. Investing the time to get upskilled to really get confident in running the tech platform, designing the content specifically for the VILT environment, and delivering workshops that are super-interactive, engaging and boost learning transfer. 

If you are serious about looking into “going pro” and want some direction, or just some questions answered, please get in touch. We’d love to help you get started on your journey.

Good luck!

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The Virtual Training Team

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